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Judith Fisher-Bodman: I am an artist working as a printmaker, predominately using etching as my medium of choice.  There are constraints when working with the etching process but it is these very constraints that lend its' unique beauty to the finished product.   I find this challenge to be both rewarding and exciting.  I also love to go with the flow of what can randomly happen. The unexpected results which can be caused by so many different parameters, be it happy or other wise. Some are caused by how the acid or ground is simply affected by humidity or weather on any given day. All these things can alter or cause me to change what I originally had envisioned but some of my happiest results have been a factor of this very unpredictability. You must be able to go with the flow and not be rigid in order to use this medium.

   My etchings have a very narrative quality to them and a feeling of antiquity.  People often think they were done many years ago, or are antique.  I do many etchings of animals showing each of their unique personalities and idiosyncrasies. I have always drawn on nature for my inspiration, whether using etching or other mediums, such as painting or clay. In the last year or so I have started to do oil painting out of doors or plein air. I LOVE it! This year starting in the Spring, I will be painting with a group of painters who travel all around the area where I live to paint. It's wonderful to have kindred spirits to paint with. I hope to have a show of my paintings later in the fall of 2008.

   I also do graphic work; it has honed my sense of design and has been an asset to my printmaking. My expertise with computer aided graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop in conjunction with my photography has helped me with my artistic work.  These computer applications are a great tool for stimulating ideas for my etchings and my creation of art using computer generated methods using my photography.  I also design web sites using Dreamweaver CS3 Suite and I have designed this web site and many other sites which you can see links for on our "links" page. I am also very knowledgeable of photo restoration and am capable of bringing your old and abused or damaged photos back to their former glory!

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from Indiana University of PA.  I have returned to school numerous times to continue my education including studying etching in Florence , Italy .  I’ve also taken numerous computer graphics classes. 

 I live in Blooming Grove Pennsylvania with my husband Rip. I have two children; the older one is now grown and working as a carpenter and performing in his band and my younger son is a Freshmen in High School.  My husband and I make our living by selling our art work at art and craft shows in six states.  We have been doing this for over thirty years now.  All our shows are juried and some are very difficult to get into. I also travel quite a bit and visit museums and gallery shows when ever I can.  I have received many awards for my work over the years and I endeavor to always grow as an artist.  One way I have done this is by working with children and adults, teaching them about printmaking.  I feel very creative and invigorated by my experience working with the children and that has really spilled over into my own work. It is a really wonderful experience and one I highly recommend to all my artist friends!. I also substitute teach in our school district for the art and computer graphics department.

Judith's Photo Art Rip's Studio Photo Restoration Painting and New Art
Judith's Photo Art Rip's Studio Photo Restoration Painting and New Art